R&D subventions

Bases de Datos y Emblemática Hispánica bajo Internet

Financial institution:
Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia Y Tecnología (CICYT)
Budget amount:
6,494,000 Pta
Number of researchers:
Jan 1, 1996 to Dec 31, 1998
This is the second subprojects of the coordinated project TEL96-1390-C02. The Humanities research team, with researchers from Hispanic Philology, Latin Philology and History of Art (subproject 1, directed by Sagrario López Poza) was the responsible for the digitization, partial transcription and study of a selection of works from the Hispanic Emblem Literature (16th-18th centuries). A wide collection of data was extracted from this literature, which is of high interest for any knowledge area related with the "Siglo the Oro". The computer science team (this second subproject, directed by Nieves Rodríguez Brisaboa) developed the applications necessary for the storage of data and its access via internet. The user interface developed for this purpose is a Virtual Library that facilitates the retrieval and navigation through the documents