R&D subventions

PLAtform for the automatic Generation of Energy-efficient Mobility Information Systems (MIS) using compact data structures and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Number of subprojects:
Financial institution:
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Convocatoria 2021. Proxectos estratéxicos orientados á transición ecolóxica e Transición dixital
Budget amount:
290,030 Euros
Dec 1, 2022 to Nov 30, 2024
The goal of this coordinated project (with teams from the UDC and the UCLM) is the creation of PLAGEMIS (PLAtform for the GEneration of Mobility Information Systems), a platform that will use variability management techniques (e.g., software product lines, annotation of software assets, and architecture scaffolding) to allow the automated generation of Mobility Information Systems (MIS) that are efficient even from an energy point of view. These systems will be based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology and Compact Data Structures (CDS), they will use an advanced data model that we will design in this project, and advanced algorithms to represent and exploit the complex, enormous and heterogeneous set of relevant data for the analysis of mobility in urban and rural environments.