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Ampliación da Enquisa sobre Infraestruturas e Equipamentos Locais ás cidades

1352/2001 Ampliacion EIEL
Financial institution:
Deputación Provincial da Coruña
Number of researchers:
Sep 14, 2001 to Nov 1, 2002
Director researcher:
Carlos Nárdiz Ortiz
The goal of this project is twofold. First, to extend the Survey on Infrastructure and Local Facilities (EIEL, Encuesta de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Locales) made in a previous project for the local government of A Coruña. It now includes councils with more than 50000 inhabitants, and a diagnostic of the state and necessities of the councils, based on the information found in this survey, was also done. And second, to develop the applications needed for the management of the geographical database that stores all this information, as well as its Web exploitation. The technologies used to build these applications included Geomedia Professional, Geomedia Web Map, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server, and Active Server Pages.