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Intelligent technologies for the analysis of the user's behaviour when accessing and consuming digital contents in multi-platforms

INV032011 Prisa
Number of subprojects:
Financial institution:
PRISA DIGITAL, S.L., Programa PID 2011, CDTI
Number of researchers:
Nov 21, 2011 to Jun 20, 2014
Director researchers:
R. Cao
Amparo Alonso Betanzos
This project aims to investigate and to develop technologies and intelligent advanced models in order to allow: a) to know, to identify and to create predictive models of the human behavior and their use of digital content; b) to search for new ways of applying knowledge about user behavior in the areas of digital content distribution and use, e-commerce, and advertising optimization; c) to create new applications for the content distribution based on georeference and mobility; d) to distribute using a multi-device interface