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Contract for the development of the Intelidata project

Financial institution:
Asociación Inserta Innovación
Number of researchers:
Sep 18, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024
The research groups: Telematic Applications and Services Group (, Carlos III University), Applied Geotechnologies (, University of Vigo), and Database Laboratory (, University of Coruña) carried out the Friendly barrierLess AdapTable City (FLATCity) project between 2017 and 2020. Currently, all three research groups have funding from the State Research Agency to carry out the Friendly barrierLess AdapTable City: Proof of Concept (FLATCity-POC) project with the aim of promoting and accelerating the transfer of knowledge and results generated in research projects from the State Plan.

One of the planned activities in the FLATCity-POC project involves establishing contacts with stakeholders interested in the technology developed in the project to establish collaborations that enable the product to be transferred to society. As part of this activity, a collaboration has been initiated with the Inserta Innovación Association to expand the scope of the FLATCity-POC project by addressing new research challenges. Below, these challenges from the Database Laboratory subproject are listed.

City Data Integration Component
• Integrate the component as part of the data ingestion and preprocessing components of the INTELIDATA DataHub proposed by the INSERTA INNOVACION ASSOCIATION.
• Extend the scope of the data collection component to make it more generalizable and usable for describing the ingestion of any dataset into the system.

Accessibility Data Model
• Integrate the accessibility data model as part of the DataHub's provisioning module.
• Enhance the accessibility data model to increase the number of mobility-related elements supported.
• Integrate the web application for visualizing accessible routes so that it uses the DataHub's provisioning module, rather than being a dependent component of the FLATCity-POC project.

City Dashboard
• Redesign the application to turn it into an external use case for the DataHub, serving as a demonstrator of its interoperability.