Contracts and agreements

Convenio administrativo entre a UDC e a Deputación da Coruña para financiar a creación dunha Web de Roteiros Culturais

289/2008 Roteiros
Financial institution:
Deputación da Coruña
Number of researchers:
Dec 3, 2008 to Dec 2, 2009
Director researcher:
This agreement aims to create a web application, called "Web de Rotas Culturais" which is intended to be strongly interactive, allowing net runners to participate into the project, thus improving their awareness and knowledge of the rich Galician cultural heritage. The web site will be supported by a Geographical Information System (GIS) and will publish, through a map-shaped interface, several routes including all their relevant information, not only about monuments, places, archeological fields... but also about artistic, geographical, historical and socio-economical features and, of course, literary, thus showing a multidisciplinary and multimedia vision of the cultural richness of Galicia, its land, its monuments and its literature.