Contracts and agreements

Agreement for the development of the Research Project "Mobile devices application for locating and estimating the route to close interest points"

430/2011 Around-me
Financial institution:
Novaware, Programa sectorial Sector TIC 2011, PR520A-2011-181, Xunta de Galicia
Number of researchers:
Jul 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2012
This agreement aims to extend a software tool, developed by Novaware, which allows to manage and georeference relevant information about a business area inside a particular geographic area, in such a way that it can be available through the Internet, not only using catalog information from each element, but also through a visual map which can display their relative position with respect to other relevant points, related to the cultural and natural heritage.
The Database Lab is involved in the requirements specification, analysis and design phases, bringing in its know-how and experience on the design of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The Database Lab will also perform as a quality control external entity during the tracking and control tasks.